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I'm a working mother.. :) had completed fully breastfeed my dear daughter. She is 4 now. Currently i'm working on producing babyhanan cloth diaper, trainer and cloth pad.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Prints for Woven PUL

Woven PUL 10Woven PUL 11Woven PUL 12Woven PUL 13Woven PUL 14Woven PUL 15Woven PUL 16Woven PUL 17Woven PUL 18Woven PUL 19Woven PUL 20Woven PUL 21

1st row (from left) : Woven PUL 10, Woven PUL 11

2nd row (from left) : Woven PUL 12, Woven PUL 13

3rd row (from left) : Woven PUL 14, Woven PUL 15

4th row (from left) : Woven PUL 16, Woven PUL 17

5th row (from left) : Woven PUL 18, Woven PUL 19

6th row (from left) : Woven PUL 20, Woven PUL 21

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Nursing Pads in various pattern

Which pattern do you prefer for a nursing pad? Some love the traditional round type. Other love the contour pad. For me… definitely the contour pad. Even contour got different shape. So far I had sew the round and the look a like ‘cup’ type.. hahahha.. Smile . I didn’t know how to describe that type.. Just take a look at the nursing pads below. Enough chatting, Siti..


nursing pad 1

The look a like ‘cup’ type




Round and flat


round and contour 2

round and contour

Round and contour



Waterproof     : PUL

Inner                : Bamboo Velour

Absorbent       : Microfiber

Outer                : Cotton / Flannel

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Cute Cotton Prints

Cotton 18Cotton 29Cotton 30Cotton 31Cotton 32

1st row (from left) : Cotton 18 (restock), Cotton 29

2nd row (from left) : Cotton 30, Cotton31

3rd row (from left) : Cotton 32

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Swaddle


Nur Aina Binti Mohd Fairuz, my newest niece, born on June 4, 2011.  I made a swaddle for her as a gift from her Mak Long Smile. I asked my sister whether she had bought a swaddle before and she said yes, and would like another one. Haahahaa… so above is the result.

I never try sew a swaddle before, and I opt to a swaddle that looks like a sleep sack. It got flaps on both right and left side. I put 2” loop tape in the middle so, the flaps will close in the middle and covers Aina’s arms.

The material I choose is from microfleece as the inner layer and of course flannel as the outer. Both are very soft to the baby’s skin.


The above picture is the open flaps with hook tape on both side. The bottom pictures is when the front part folded down and the right is the complete pictures of the swaddle.

fold downoverall swaddler

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Woven PUL Fabric

Woven PUL fabric just arrived. There are lots of stuff you can make with PUL fabric. As for me, it’s suitable for cloth diaper, cloth pad and wet bag.

Woven 1Woven 2Woven 3Woven 4Woven 5Woven 6Woven 7Woven 8Woven 9

from left (1st row) : Woven 1, Woven 2

from left (2nd row) : Woven 3, Woven 4

from left (3rd row) : Woven 5, Woven 6

from left (4th row) : Woven 7 (left for 1 overnight), Woven 8

from left (5th row) : Woven 9

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Cotton Prints for You..

cotton 22cotton 23

cotton 24cotton 25

cotton 26cotton 27

cotton 28

from left (1st row) : Cotton 22, Cotton 23 (sold out)

from left (2nd row) : Cotton 24, Cotton 25 (sold out)

from left (3rd row) : Cotton 26 (for 1 overnight), Cotton 27 (for 1 overnight & 1 regular / 1 liner)

from left (4th row) : Cotton 28

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Nursing Pad

nursing pad 1

I had been asked by my reseller for nursing pad last week. So I did some research for an affordable, waterproof and absorbent combination material for the nursing pad. So after consider several factors, I choose:

Outer Layer: Cotton

Waterproof Layer : PUL

Absorbent Layer: Microfiber

Inner Layer: Bamboo Velour


nursing pad 2

I hope this nursing pad fits your sister nicely, dear. And thank you for trusting me and patiently wait the end product. What I do love about this nursing pad is the design, contour design and hopefully it gives comfort to the wearer.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 new Cotton prints and a cotton Velour cP

Quite a long title, isn’t it Open-mouthed smile . Recently, I had a chance to sew a postpartum CP for my boss. Made of Cotton Velour as the inner layer with the overnight pattern, 13” long. I just got 2 colors of cotton velour if you all like to try one. Hunter Red and Ostrich Green.

160511 Cotton Velourovernight


Cotton Velour:

hunter redostrich green

                         Hunter Red                                                                    Ostrich Green


Cotton Prints:

The new cotton prints had been added. this time I pick Japanese Cotton:

Cotton 19Cotton 20

                         Cotton 19                                                                        Cotton 20

cotton 21 (IM)

                      Cotton 21

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