Sunday, October 25, 2009

Potty Trainer Pants

Trainer.. trainer.. trainer.. who needs trainer.. ? A child who starts to learn potty training :). Trainer unlike diapers. Trainer had been designed for the child to feel the wetness. There is no stay dry fabric in the layer to make the child feel dry. Then a trip to the washroom or potty gets them to acquainted with where they should be doing their business.

One of the reason to switch from diapers to training pants is because the child cannot remove their diaper by themselves. Keep them in diapers until you can see signs that they is about to go.

My baby, Hanan.. hahaha.. still refer her as baby even she is two now.. aware that she is wet or want to go and keep telling me or her dad. So we decided to put her on trainer. On first attempt, she use trainer from 7pm till 10pm and even she wet on the pants but still not leak even i didn't put the waterproof layer. It's the pull up pull down trainer so she could remove the pant easily if she decided to go to the toilet but it didn't happen :), she play and play and just wet the pants :). Maybe next time she will and i hope so.

Below is the table measurement for our trainer pants if you would like to try :). Our trainer pants come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. You need to measure your child waist and rise and choose the appropriate size that suits your child.

This pants consists of 2 layers of flannel for the inner layer and fleece for the outer. The insert we sew in as the hidden layer. We use 3 layers of microfiber as the insert.