Saturday, July 11, 2009

Half Contour One Size Insert

Half Contour One Size Insert were design to fulfill the needs of a trim one size insert. Before this we did a trifold insert for BabyHanan One Size cd. From the feedback we got, the cd runs well, but the trifold a bit bulky when they're folded to meets the specific size. Of course when we use the size S, they're a bit bulky on baby. But we did successfully reduce the bulkiness by using this half contour insert.

The half contour one size insert consists of 3 layers of microfiber + 1 layer of fleece on top. This insert can be folded down using snap button when you need differect size range from size S, M and L. This insert is ideal to use with our multi size cd or one size cd.

To use this insert simply fold the insert by using snap button at the back to get your desired size. Then snap the upper two studs on top to the body shell. Then out you go the completed cd. Just change your insert when it gets full or nearly full.