Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Swaddle


Nur Aina Binti Mohd Fairuz, my newest niece, born on June 4, 2011.  I made a swaddle for her as a gift from her Mak Long Smile. I asked my sister whether she had bought a swaddle before and she said yes, and would like another one. Haahahaa… so above is the result.

I never try sew a swaddle before, and I opt to a swaddle that looks like a sleep sack. It got flaps on both right and left side. I put 2” loop tape in the middle so, the flaps will close in the middle and covers Aina’s arms.

The material I choose is from microfleece as the inner layer and of course flannel as the outer. Both are very soft to the baby’s skin.


The above picture is the open flaps with hook tape on both side. The bottom pictures is when the front part folded down and the right is the complete pictures of the swaddle.

fold downoverall swaddler