Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mama Cloth Pad

complete package outercomplete package inner

:) Mama Cloth Pad? Hermm.... sure most of you had heard about it. It's the menstrual pad, instead of using the disposable one, we can use the washable pad. Cloth pad are not only useful for menstrual use, they can also be used for incontinence or to keep your underpants clean and dry between periods.

My first attempt using this mama cloth pad was few months back. Being used to cloth diapering for my daughter, so the idea to use cloth pad for myself not too difficult. The reason i switched from disposable pad to cloth pad because of health issue. I got news that most of the disposable pad are not safe for our body.

After using the cloth pads for several months, i can summarize that, it's not that difficult as what others would think it be. There are no smells and wash the cloth pad is easy as washing the cloth diapers.

There are 3 different types of Mama Cloth Pad that i use. It differs depends on one usage. You can use liner when having light or between periods. The regular pad can be use on day time while the overnight on night time or while having heavy flow. All cloth pads are enclosed with snaps.

1) Petite Liner Pad
- 2 layers of flannel or 1 layer of microfiber sandwiched between fleece and flannel
petite line outerpetite liner inner

2) Regular Pad
- 2 layers of microfiber sandwiched between fleece and flannel

regular outerregular inner

3) Overnight Pad
- 3 layers of microfiber sandwiched between fleece and flannel

overnight outerovernight inner